A4Tech HU-800 Review

Hello, this is the review review my recently bought headset; the A4Tech HU-800. In the package comes the headphone and a  earphone hook. I bought for MUR790 ($25.90).

The headset out of the box


The cushions are really comfortable, my ears gets into it completely. The headphone is really comfortable; can play games for a very long time.

The headset comprises of a microphone along the cable. Its a USB type headset.

Here, we can see the volume device of the headphone, the round button turns the sound mute when pressed

I also tried the headphone with Razer Surround currently free of charge till 31st December else its Rs 600/$19.99. Razer Surround does improve the quality of sound greatly. In games especially BF3, the 7.1 surround sound is really impressive.

Hope you enjoyed the review!

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