I’m an undergraduate student at the University of Mauritius studying Electrical & Electronic Engineering. My passion is computer hardware; understanding how they work and subsequently, if possible, improving them. Another interesting field of interest for me is the Internet of Everything; connecting the unconnected.

As most hardware enthusiasts, I got interested in computer hardware through gaming -upgrading hardware for better performance. With the launch of Ivy Bridge microprocessors, I discovered Moore’s Law etc… and my interest in computer hardware started. Having studies Computer Science at secondary school, I acquired even more knowledge about programming, computer architectures etc… I was nominated at Science Quest 2015 for a mobile application which was aimed at improving the life of disabled persons.

I started blogging in 2013 where I wrote as guests on other blogs and also started my first blog on Blogger. The articles here are mostly related to technology; current news and my experience with them. I’m always ready to help with tech things so drop me a comment or email and I will try to answer your question.