Optical Fiber: The Difference

Orange Telecom(Mauritius Telecom) is converting all its internet lines in Mauritius to optical fibers whether MyT or ADSL. Mine was converted 2 weeks ago.

The Difference
Simple Term:
Let’s take an example of a lorry which has to go from A to B. The speed limit is 100 Km/h. The previous telephone line is like a road with a lot of cars causing a traffic while the Optical Fibre is like a the same road with wider lanes(less traffic).
Technical Term: 
The previous connection wire are made of copper which makes use of electrons to carry data while Optical Fibres makes use of light/photons (fastest material) to carry data.
Practical Differences:
First, we will see the difference in ping. A ping is the time taken for a packet of data to reach a server and for it to returns. It is measured in milliseconds(ms). I used cmd to test for it where I pinged youtube.com. I get a ping of 2ms where before I was getting a ping of 13ms.
Ping is really important in onlline gaming as every movement that you do or any other person does in the game, a packet of data is send to the server. Popular examples of these games are Counter Strike, Battlefield, Call of Duty…
Download Speed
First, let me clear a very common confusion among internet users. When Orange says you 1Mb/s, it actually means 1 Megabit per second not 1 MegaByte per second. MegaByte is represented in MB/s while Megabit is represented in Mb/s.

Let’s convert 1 Mb/s into kB/s
1 Byte = 8 bits
1 Megabit = 10bits
10bits = 10/ 8 bytes
= 125 000 bytes
= 125 000/ 1024
= 122.1 kB
1 Mb/s = 122.1 kB/s
2 Mb/s = 244.1 kB/s
4 Mb/s = 488.3 kB/s
10 Mb/s = 1.2 MB/s

Let’s come back to our topic, before my average download speed was 90 kB/s. Now the average is 112 kB/s.Even now with Optical Fibre, we are not getting the actual download speed of 122.1 kB/s but still there was a great improvement.

Advantages of Optical Fibres
  • Have a broader bandwidth
  • Immune to electromagnetic interference
  • Is not an electrical conductor

Installation of Optical Fibers at home
Orange technicians will fix a big white box outside on your wall which is called a Fiber Optic Termination Box and inside, they will fix a Fiber Optic Splitter. They will also change your livebox/modem, most probably you will get a Huawei HG8245H.

Fiber Optic Termination Box

Fiber Optic Splitter

Modem/Router Huawei HG8245H

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8 thoughts on “Optical Fiber: The Difference

    • So far I know, there is no QoS on the router MT provided, you can only forward rules. However, if your aim is to prioritize a specific device on the network, you can give it a static IP of ‘’ as the router prioritizes devices in descending IP addresses. ‘’ has the highest priority.

      • Hi , can you explain how can i prioritize a specific device in details please for the orange modem. Or if there are some working apps that i may use.

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