Update: Discontinued

“Simplify the life of the people you care about.”

handyFreedom gives your loved ones Freedom from the complexities of modern smartphones. handyFreedom provides a clean and simple user interface that launches right from the moment they unlock their phone.


  • Get informed where your loved one is periodically.
    Set an interval e.g. 15 minutes in options and get informed where your loved one is every 15 minutes.
  • Get alerted when your loved one is in danger thanks to SOS button.
    When your loved one is in trouble, he just needs to press the red ‘SOS’ button and you will be informed of where he is and that he needs help.
  • Speed dialing is easier and faster for your loved one.
    Your loved one no longer needs to search through a list of contacts to call you, he can simply tap your picture.
  • Remind your loved one of everyday activities.
    E.g. You can remind your loved one when it is time to take medicines.

Privacy Policy

Contact details and locations are recorded for sole use within this application. Messages are sent through a third party; Twilio which records messages sent for the purpose of communicating them to cell carriers.

Targeted Audience: Vulnerable Persons (e.g. Elderly & Disabled Persons)
handyFreedom is currently available only on Windows Phone 8.1 for Beta Testing

Developers: Yashtir Gopee, Mervin Lim Pac Chong & Pajani Aroomoogon
Contributors: Varun Bhikoo & Lovashini Sooben
Publisher: Yashtir Gopee