SOS is a mobile phone application which allows you to your location to your friends by SMS (More options will be available afterwards) or if you are lost, you can see the address you are at.

While finding your location in geo-coordinates does not require internet, acquiring the address of that location requires internet.
As a result, we will also launch a Cell Tower Tracking Program which will allow acquiring at least the name of the town/village you are in offline.

How it works?
While travelling, the cell tower your phone uses keeps changing, each a new cell tower is discovered, the app will record its ID and geocode its location. Later, when your mobile phone is connected to the internet, the app will upload it to a database on our server and we will reverse-geocode these coordinates. That database will be made open-source so as to facilitate development of other apps.
In the end, you will only have to download the database partially depending on the area you live.

To be available on Android and Windows Phone.